Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About…
  • How does the Customizer work?

    The Customizer is a complete image and text edition tool which you can use to customize your products, make tests, vary colors, sizes, combine designs, change products and much more possibilities to create a shirt you like. You can upload an image from your computer, place it on the chest or back, change the shirt color and model until you find the combination you like the most.
  • What technique do you use to stamp the shirts?

    We specialize in customized shirts, we work screen printing and direct to garment print.
  • What format and size must my designs be in to upload them?

    You can upload any JPG or PNG file for preview and even to be printed, but for better results we recommend to send and email to with a high resolution file (.EPS, .PDF, .PSD, .AI). You can upload a High Resolution file for preview but this would slow down the app. The printing area is 13×18 inches, we recommend a 1000×1000 pixels file for good results, it can be at 72dpi but higher will be better.
  • Does it end up as I see it on screen?

    Almost, it is kind of impossible to make it exactly the same, because the colors represented on screen have their own light and the printing on the shirt is made with inks and over fabric.

    This being said, the design will end up just like you imagine it.

  • If my image has a white background and I don’t have any other file, what can I do?

    Here’s what to do: You can modify your file with or something similar to Photoshop, or leave a note in the comments area – when filling the shipping information – to remove the background.
  • Is all my data safe in your hands?

    Yes, definitely yes. We count with a SSL Certificate to keep your information and payment data secure. The payment data isn’t saved in our site, they pass through a specialized portal to process the information.
  • Can I print on the back and sleeves?

    Yes, you have 4 different areas to customize your shirt, the front side, the back, left sleeve and right sleeve. On all sides, you can place the design up or down.
  • What’s the minimum per order?

    The minimum is 1 shirt, we’re sorry, we can’t sell you less than one shirt.
  • How long does it takes to receive my purchase?

    It depends, since your information isn’t saved in our site we need the confirmation of the payment process with an external agent. It takes about 24 to 48 hours, but if you make a payment that gives you a voucher (deposit), you can send a picture to and this will expedite the production process.

    Also we need to keep in mind the amount of shirts on your order, if it’s between 1 and 10 pieces, they may be ready 24 hours after you made your order, if your order exceeds that amount, we need to consider some previous orders yours to determine a delivery date.

  • How do you send my product?

    We use FedEx. You can pick your preferred shipping option once you add your zip code in the checkout.
  • What do you do with my files?

    Your designs will only be shown on your online store and you will always own your copy rights over the images.