Garment-Dyed Treatments

Details on the Dye Treatments
  • Dip Dye Treatment

    A 100% cotton made shirt is submerged on a special solution to dye a part of it.

  • Bamboo Treatment

    Handmade treatment created with elastic bands tied on the shirt, and adding a reactive dye that creates a bamboo style.

  • Brush Stroke Treatment

    Handmade treatment made with a sponge and a special chemical that penetrates on the cotton, then it dries off with sunlight to create a brush look.

  • Fusion Treatment

    Handmade treatment that creates a fusion between the elastic bands tied on a third part of the shirt and the rest is dyed with a reactive.

  • Stripe Wash Treatment

    This treatment is handmade with hot water and a special tied on the shirts and combines a reactive dye with 12 hour of rest, creating stripes to the shirt.

  • Exploding Sun Treatment

    Handmade treatment that uses a mix of reactive colors and 12 hours of rest. It ends up with a rinse so the dye color looks like an explosion.

  • Vertical Rasta Treatment

    Handmade treatment that is made tying the sides of the shirt and then dyed with reactive colors (green, yellow and red) creating a rasta style.

  • Ascending Rainbow Treatment

    Handmade treatment made with knots on the shirt and then dyed. At the end of the process it creates a big “V” on the shirt.

  • Reactive DYE Treatment

    This treatment is made with reactive dyes. The dye combines with the fabric fibers on a molecular level to create a permanent union with it.

  • Oil Wash Treatment

    This treatment is based on pigments that consist on getting an effect of oil stains.

  • Reverse oil wash Treatment

    This treatment is made with color pigments. This effects is the inverse to Oil Wash and is created drying off the shirt on a dryer to activate the pigment.

  • Side Seam Wash Treatment

    Is a treatment made using resin and reactive dye which combined, makes it run through the seams of the fabrics.

  • Side Seam Spray Treatment

    Handmade treatment using reactive dyes on hot water, it sprays over the seams of the shirt and then washes to get the final result.

  • Mineral Wash Treatment

    Reactive dye process with pulverized potassium to produce a worn denim effect.

  • Crystal Wash Treatment

    Handmade treatment using reactive dyes that combines with the fabrics, creating the effect of crystals with different colors.

  • Ocean Wash Treatment

    This treatment consists on a combination of Tie Dye and Reactive Dye, having a wash with the “look” of the ocean.

  • Splatter Treatment

    Handmade design that reflects a brilliant aspect using reactive dyes that when dried it creates an explosion.

  • Tiger Treatment

    Handmade treatment made with knots and submerged on reactive dye for a couple hours to create a reaction and finally get the effect of tiger stripes.