Printing Techniques

Add a special touch to your T-Shirt!
Add one of our special printing techniques to your T-Shirt and make it even more unique.
The Printing Techniques can be added in orders from 12 pieces. You can send us an email to and we can send you a customized quote according to your needs.
  • Gel Printing

    High relief ink that highlights printing with a 3d effect, also adds a shiny plasticc finish.

  • Puff Printing

    Colorless or pigmented textile base, whose property inflates to 8 or 12 times its volume, gaining relief, when the dried ink gets heated, it expands.

  • Glow in the dark Printing

    Products that glow in the dark, can absorb and store the short wave of UV light that remains once the light has stopped.

  • Glitter Printing

    These products are small metal pieces cut perfectly in order to give the brightest shine. They are made with the highest quality materials and they can be used on almost all kinds of fabrics. These solid and colorful glitters have a smooth texture.

  • Foil Printing

    Printing technique that involves the application of metallized films with different colors and lighting effects adhesively attached to the fabric, giving spectacular final results.