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What format is required for my design to be uploaded?

- For digital printing we recommend JPG or PNG at 300 dpi or 1500 x 1500 pixels. 

- For screen printing we need the editable file separated in layers with the pantone guide.

What are the printing dimensions?

The maximum printing size is 13 x 19 inches. 

Is there a minimum order? 

In digital printing 1 piece and in screen printing 24 pieces per design.

If my design doesn’t meet printing requirements do you improve it?

If we see that something is wrong or if we consider that the printing quality will be affected, we will contact you to try to help you improve the file or solve what is necessary. But we don't retouch the designs or modify them.

Is there a maximum number of colors to print?

In digital printing we can print full color with photographic quality starting from one piece; only neon colors cannot be printed. In screen printing, orders must be from 24 pieces and up. The limit is 5 colors per design, including the base, and we can print neon colors. 

What is the production time of my order?

This depends on the amount of t-shirts ordered. For orders of 1 piece to 5 pieces the approximate time is 2 to 3 business days (Monday to Friday), plus shipping and delivery time.

Can I print in neon colors?

If it’s digital printing you can’t, but it is possible with screen printing.

Can I print a licensed image even for personal use?

No, unfortunately they are registered trademarks that cannot be printed without permission.